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My 21st Birthday Fundraiser


    I have always loved animals more than anything. My family has always had pets, and ever since my dad found our first rescue kitty, Willow, hanging around the golf course back in 2014, saving animals has just become a regular thing that we do! First we            found Willow, who had every health issue you could imagine, and got her up into full health, then we found Lucy, who was left by the dumpsters behind one of my parents' restaurants. We decided to keep her too! Then there was Eddie, the sweetest little boy ever who we adopted from the Humane Society. And then Boo, a stray cat found wandering by a highway who I adopted myself. Then, of course, Boo needed a little sister, so I adopted Minnie, the tiniest kitten I'd ever seen who was found among many other cats in a hoarder's home in Toronto. Now we have the perfect furry family, all animals who's lives could easily have been terrible, or very short, who are now all living their best lives in a loving home. The feeling I get when I think about how we've changed the lives of these animals, is one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I love animals. and I love doing what I can to help them. So, last year for my birthday I did a fundraising campaign where I decided to use my platform and following to help even more animals. I appropriately named this campaign Titties For Kitties (I know, it's crude. But it grabs your attention, right? So, it worked! Plus, it is hilarious, so not using it would be a missed opportunity!) as I sold exclusive signed posters and prints of myself and donated all money raised to two of my local animal shelters--split evenly, we gave each of them $500! Because it was such a success, I have decided to do it again this year. Last year's photos were a birthday-themed pin-up girl, and this year I did a cat-woman inspired shoot with my rescue, Boo! I love how these photos turned out, and I hope you all do, too! All available merchandise is below, and also note that these are EXCLUSIVE, meaning once they are gone, I am never selling them again, so now is your chance to get them! 100% of profits earned are being donated to the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society, so while you get awesome merch, you also get the great feeling of knowing you helped many homeless animals get the care that they need until they're adopted! It's a win-win!

Watch the video

Eddie 💕🐾 #cats#kitten#catsofibstagram#

Lucy, live trapped by

a dumpster.

Willow 💞 #cat#kitty#pet#love#friend#bab

Willow, found at the golf course.

Eddie, adopted from The Humane Society.


Boo, a stray cat found wandering by a highway.

Meet our rescue family

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Want to support the cause but don't want to buy any merchandise? No problem! Donate below.

Minnie, found in a hoarder's home with dozens of cats.

100% of profits from merchandise sold is being donated to the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society.

Thank you SO much for supporting this campaign!

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