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Photography Workshops

     Guinness World Record-holding photographer Steve Haining is now bringing his popular underwater photography workshops to Florida! These workshops are for both models and photographers, and will teach you water safety, breath control, how to control buoyancy in the water, and how to art direct photography underwater. Models will learn how to look confident and comfortable posing underwater. We also talk about colors and looks, and how depth underwater affects the appearance of colors and how to prepare for that. The workshop allows models and photographers to work together to create a series of different photo sets. Models also get a short one-on-one with world renowned portrait photographer Steve Haining, as well as the edits from that shoot, while photographers get a short one-on-one shoot with professional model and vocalist of chart-topping band Living Dead Girl. Photographers also receive their own soft underwater housing for their camera in order to keep creating beyond this photoshoot.
  Adding underwater photos to your portfolio will expand your creative abilities, help you stand out from the rest, and will get you incredible work you can't get any other way!

Upcoming workshops:
July 22nd - Orlando, Florida
July 23rd - Cocoa Beach
July 29th - Gainesville, Florida
September 9th - Hamilton, Ontario
September 10th - St Catharines, Ontario

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